Collezione: "ELDA" - Spring/Summer 2021

VALENTI tells about love on a summer afternoon.

Inspired by the imagery and photography of the films: "Jamón jamón" from 1992 directed by Juan José Bigas Luna and "Lolita" from 1997 by Adrian Lyne.

Of great influence was the painting by David Hockney who inspired the idea of painting the textures of the tea towels used in the kitchen (childhood memory of her grandmother).

The colors of fruit, flowers and vegetables of the summer season were also fundamental for the choice of the color palette.

The whole line is based on the lightness of purely summer fabrics and classic Italian tailoring, all softened by the traditionality of the sangallo and the crochet details.

VALENTI also proposes for its sixth collection the preference for miniskirts and suits that have always been a recognizable sign of the brand by also inserting light shirts and dresses.

Dedicated to Elda, a strong and determined woman.

My grandmother.

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