The Brand

 Italian designer Nicole Valenti launches her  “VALENTI” line in February 2018.

 The brand represents a unique blend of the past and present with art, music and   cinema influencing her creations. Her creativity comes to life through the   reinterpretation of iconic pieces inspired by classic 80s clothing redesigned   through the use of unconventional fabrics; silhouettes inspired by the 1980s muses that every woman aspired to be.

VALENTI produce only on request, without waste. In a world of massive productions, VALENTI has chosen another path. We only produce ad hoc garments for each individual customer: this means that unnecessary movement of goods and waste of raw materials are avoided, thus ensuring minimal impact on the environment.

Inspired by the Milanese drawing rooms of the ’80s and the values of the quintessential Italian family, Nicole Valenti reinvents the idea of ​​opulence, with oversized jackets and vertiginous miniskirts, but also boyfriend jeans with feminine fabrics to make old fashion contemporary.